• You can be dressed in Kimono  elegantly at Kyoto
  • Kimono Campaign

    16th / September / 202131st / December / 2021
    • Set Plan

      3,278yen 予約する
    • Men’s Kimono Plan

      3,278yen 予約する
    • Kid’s Plan

      3,278yen 予約する


  • Set Plan

    Set Plan
    If you need some shawl and coat for kimono, you can rental extra charge.
    ・Kimono coat800yen
    ・Kimono coat and Shawl1,000yen
  • Select Plan

    Select Plan
    Dec.~Mar. include Kimono coat.
  • Special Plan

    Special Plan
    You can dress higher-grade kimono.
    Dec.~Mar. include Kimono coat.
    ※There is no charge for changing the obi style for Otaiko.
  • Men's kimono Plan

    Men's kimono Plan
    You choose all yourself.
    Dec.~Mar. include Kimono coat and muffler.

    Yukata for men

  • For 4~10age. (110cm~140cm)

    Kid's Plan

    Kid's Plan
    Numbers are limited.
    Dec.~Mar. include Kimono coat and muffler.

    Kid's Yukata


    Wide and tall size Plan

    Wide  and tall size Plan
    【For men】
     B100~120cm / W90~120cm
    【For women】
     B100~120cm / W90~120cm

    This product is limited in number



Hair styling 1,500yen 
Choose one style from 6 samples. We make a style as you want. it costs 2,500yen.
Hair ornament  500yen〜
We sale 500yen~, you can keep it.
Photo 1,000yen〜
Our photographers take your photo, at the studio,tatami room and garden.
You can buy album and CD-R.
It’s common way of tying a woman's kimono sash. 800yen 
You can change it any plan.
Return the Kimono next day plan 1,000yen 
Please bring back your kimono to the shop until 17:00pm. on next day.(You pay 10,000 yen as deposit, it back when you return. We copy your ID.)
Return kimono the hotel where you stay

One people / 4,000yen(One person)

Two people / 3,000yen(One person)

Three people / 2,000yen(One person)

We deliver your baggage at the hotel. So you can go back the hotel empty-handed.
*Please leave kimono at your hotel reception until 10:00am. on the next day.
※Theopen time is 9:00am.Retune time is 17:00.

※There is a possibility that photos and contents of questionnaire are not same person's one.


step flow






Please check [Q&A] before asking to us.
Should I bring to something?
Should I bring some bag for kimono?
No, it is included rental for kimono bag. When you want to use your bag, you can.
Do you have anything to wear on kimono?
Every plan is included Haori and shawls except Set plan.
For men and kids, there are Haori and muffler.Haori is kimono caut.
We will rental for Set plan custmer with extra charge.
(Kimono coat 800yen, Shawl 300yen, Kimono coat and Shawl 1,000yen)
It is no problem, you bring something inner and leggings.
My hair is very short. Is it OK?
It’s no problem. We offer rental of hair ornament.
Do you have any hair ornaments?
Can I change the reservation?
Yes you can. But let me know as possible.
Does it need cancel fee.
Yes. On that day is 100%, 3 days before is 80%, a week before is 50%.
Is it possible to do without the reservation?
Yes, But when we have another customer, you have to wait.
Can I ues the any credit cards.
How long does it take for hair arrange?
It takes about 40 minutes.
Do you have any bigger size?
We have few bigger kimono *can wear until 180cm high, and bust size until 120cm.
Do you have any kimono for Kids.
Yes, we have. 4years old to 10years old.
What should I do if I tainted the kimono?
Some case, you should pay for repair. Ex. The hole by tabacco we will demand compensation.
Can I go outside at rainy day.
Yes, you can go strolling with our kimono.
Should I bring to something?
You can use the coat or shawl. (It’s extra charge only for winter)
It is no problem, you wear inner and leggings.
What should I do about my clothes and suitcase?
When you bring back to the hotel reception, our staff bring to your hotel.
When you chose the other plan, there is locker room. Please use this.
We keep at reception a big suitcase.
Do you have the parking?
No, we don’t. But there are many coin parking. Please use them.
Will you do make up for me?
I'm sorry, please do make up yourself.

「Shiki’s Sakura Branch」 208-7 2-chome, Kiyomizu Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-Shi
【hours】9:00〜18:00 (open hours)